How much does it cost to join LA Fitness?


You can join the gym of your choice for a 2 month period for a fee that could be as low as £69 for the entire period. (prices vary according to location) We have in 3 categories Club Peak: chosen club, any time, Premier Membership, Silver: any club, any time
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$39 monthly, with an initian fee that varies by state. In LA, it was $129.
If I remember correctly ,once invited the fees were somewhere in the neighborhood of 60-75K and a 60K initiation fee. When I was working with clients buying in the building the club
Army pays YOU.
I pay $30 a month and that includes unlimited tanning.I get a corporate discount because of my employer, so I would ask about that!
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LA Fitness is chain of fitness centers. These centers are located around the country. One can enroll for group classes, one can also find a personal trainer to help them meet their fitness goals.
As of December 2012, it costs $39.99 a month to join L.A. Fitness. The initiation fee is waved with this offer. If you become a member you can add a family member for a $25 initiation fee, and a membership fee of $29.95 a month.
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