How Much Does It Cost to Keep a Dog in the Kennels for a Day?


The typical cost for a kennel will depend on the type. A basic dog boarding facility which has cement floors and enclosed by chain link will cost $12 to $26 per day; a boutique style dog boarding facility will cost $22 to $55 per day; and a very high end boarding facility will cost $40 to $110 per day. Many boarding facilities charge by weight or size as much as 50% more, for a dog that weighs more than 80 pounds.
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1. Observe the situation in which your dog barks. A dog may bark if it suffers from separation anxiety or if it is hungry. It may also bark if it needs to use the restroom or if it
17520 for one year. i think.
1 day of dog daycare for 1 dog
For my Vets boarding costs $10 a day. But, when I board my neighbors dogs ( which I do once a month for a week ) I do it for $5 a day.
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