How Much Does It Cost to Keep a Dog in the Kennels for a Day?


The typical cost for a kennel will depend on the type. A basic dog boarding facility which has cement floors and enclosed by chain link will cost $12 to $26 per day; a boutique style dog boarding facility will cost $22 to $55 per day; and a very high end boarding facility will cost $40 to $110 per day. Many boarding facilities charge by weight or size as much as 50% more, for a dog that weighs more than 80 pounds.
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I don't know about the states (60 dollars a night sounds a lot) but in the UK you are looking around about £6 a night per dog depending upon the kennels and whether you provide
I have a lab and yes they do need grooming. I give mine a bath depending on what were doing once a month or so or maybe every two weeks,if given a bath to much there skin will dry
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It depends on how much you want to pamper it. The basic necessities are: - Food ($15-$50 per month) - Food/Drink Bowls ($2 - $10, one time cost.) - Dog Bed ($20-$80, one time cost
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