How Much Does It Cost to Keep a Prisoner in Prison?


In terms of estimates it costs an average of $3.42 a day to keep a prisoner on probation and $7.47 to keep that same prisoner on parole. Keeping prisoners locked up costs an average of $78.95 each day which is definitely more costly than having them on probation or on parole.
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$22,000 to $25,000 a year to keep a inmate locked up in a cell.
It cost an average of $23,876 to imprison someone in 2005,
1. What to write about? Write all that you remember about this person: the good side of that person. Keep them posted on the outside. Time changes really fast for people in prison
The cost of keeping a prisoner locked up in a U. S. prison, on average, is more than it costs for most college students in tuition for a year. It is reported that it runs anywhere
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Statistics shows that the average cost per prisoner place in 2008 and 2009 was £31,106. This includes foreign prisoners who make up almost one in six of Britain's jail population and costs almost £400 million a year to keep.
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