How Much does It Cost to Laminate At Kinkos?


The price to laminate something at Kinkos varies by location, and the size of the item you want laminated. In some areas it costs more than other areas because of the cost of living in the area. You can find more information here:
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The amount of money it will cost to laminate something at Kinkos will vary at different locations and with the different items you wish to have laminated. On average a normal piece of paper will cost around a dollar while a poster size will be around ten dollars.
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Im sorry there is no set price on kinko'! Anything else i can do for you?
While copy costs fluctuate depending on season at Kinko's and vary depending on if you are supplying paper or what quality paper you are buying, you can expect to pay on average,
Depends on the size, but a letter sized sheet should cost you less than $5. Source(s) Designer, Illustrator and Desktop Publisher for over 30 years.
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The best way to find out how much color copies at Kinko's will cost is to call your local Kinko's as prices vary between stores and areas. Generally they cost ...
As of December 2012, the cost to print at Kinko's is $ 0.09 to $ 0.49. The Kinko's stores are located in different sites. One store is located at 1331 Pennsylvania ...
Currently Kinkos charges $.09 for black and white self service copies. Color copies run about $ .49. If you need to copy larger than 8 x 11 the cost may be more. ...
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