How Much does It Cost to Move a Pool Table?


Costs to move a pool table with vary based on the company moving it, the size and weight. Most companies will move the pool table for you for under $100.
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If you are confounded by how to move a pool table, you are not alone. If you're moving a pool table either out of your house or into another part of it you should consider hiring
I recently moved a pool table that had a 1" thick slate in 3 pieces. I did it myself rather than paying for it. To do this, I carried the pieces to my trailer with the help of
1. Purchase or build a four wheeled, flat dolly. Carpet the ends, so as not to scratch your pool table. Hold the dolly steady, while a few friends guide the (assembled) pool table
1. Acquire four wooden dollies. Wrap the edges in carpet or fabric to prevent them from scratching the legs of the pool table. Ad. 2. Tilt the pool table off the ground along one
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