How much does it cost to move a single-wide trailer in North Carolina?


How much it will cost to move a single wide trailer in NC will depend on many factors. The main one being the distance of the move, but some of the other factors will include whether the moving company has to make the trailer ready for the move, for example unhooking electrical and plumbing and tearing down steps and underpinning, and then at the destination whether they have to set up the trailer or not.
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This is the right section. I think people answer less on week ends. A used trailer can cost from $17,000 up in good condition. In the 90s. If you go for one that has not been painted
The problem with installing central AC in a single wide trailer is that there is normally not enough room in the ceiling to accomodate the duct work for the system. Many people in
This depends on what state you are in. Minnesota has many more rules and regulations. North Dakota and South Dakota are not nearly as bad. Call us to get an estimate for your situation
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