How much does it cost to open a movie theater?


The amount of money it costs to open a movie theater varies depending on type of theater, location and other factors. There are two types of movie theaters that are offered for sale: independent and franchise. In order to find out the cost of a movie theater, it is best to contact the theater owner or company in charge of selling franchises.

Buying a movie theater requires thorough research before deciding to move forward with a purchase. The success or failure of a movie theater depends on the owner's ability to attract an audience to visit and pay for seats. Franchise theaters are easier to promote due to their name recognition and clout with movie production companies. However, the cost of purchasing a movie theater franchise is not easy to find out without contacting those large chains for information. It should be assumed that they are expensive.

Independent movie theatres are not affiliated with a movie chain, and the owner operates the business without franchise supervision. This option may be more attractive to those with an entrepreneurial spirit but also comes with added responsibility. The theater owner must negotiate deals with production companies individually. These theaters generally sell for more than $100,000.

Another option is to build an independent movie theater. This requires purchasing or renting land first. According to Reed Construction Data, the estimated cost in 2013 to build a movie theater is $1,482,000.

The cost of opening a new movie theater must also include expenditures on local advertising and promotion to attract patrons.

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