How Much Does It Cost to Phone an 0845 Number?


Costs of phoning 0845 numbers can be really high. Sometimes the price can be higher than 10p a minute. For a table of costs of calls to 0845 numbers on different carriers, please visit the following link:
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Calling an 0845 number costs 2p per minute daytime, and 0.5ppm at all other times when called from a BT landline. Other networks, including calls from mobiles may vary.
The cost to phone a 0845 number actually varies on certain time frame. Calls made at peak hours are charged 3.4p while evening calls cost 1.7p. Above all, the call rate is at its lowest if it is made on weekends. In fact, it would cost as low as 0.6p per minute. For inquiries dial 0800 692 4444 or email
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