How much does it cost to plant a tree?


When landscaping around your property, you may wonder how much it costs to plant a tree. The answer depends on a lot of variables. If you are planting a seedling or very small tree, you can probably dig the hole yourself. If you are planting a more mature tree, then you may have to pay someone to dig the hole. There is a cost to the tree itself. Again a smaller, less mature tree will be less expensive than a mature tree. If you get a larger tree, there will also be a delivery charge from the nursery. For any size tree, you will also need to stabilize the tree until the roots take hold. Stabilizers are not expensive, but they do add to the cost. Finally, the ongoing cost of planting a tree is watering costs and fertilizer costs. All of these costs vary from location to location. For the best estimate on how much is costs to plant a tree, call your local nursery.
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How Much Does It Cost to Plant a Tree?
Planting a tree not only enhances your property, it also helps the environment. Depending on the type of tree you plant, the project can be inexpensive, especially with the right tools.... More »
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The cost to plant a tree depends on many factors including your distance from the nursery and the type of tree itself. If you're doing it yourself it would obviously be cheaper, you'd only have to worry about buying the tree. For someone else to plant it you could estimate paying $25 an hour and up.
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