How Much Does It Cost to Put a Cat to Sleep?


The cost of having your cat euthanized varies depending on the area that you are in and the veterinarian. Most veterinarians will charge between $50 to $100 for the appointment.
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My vet charges $85, which includes taking care of the remains. There is another one nearby which charges almost twice that. Check around to find out, most will tell you without a
Having an ill cat can be a very painful experience. Every pet owner dreads the day when her cat leaves this earth, or must be put down because of serious illness or injury. It is
In the UK, i had to have my cat put to sleep this week - £33 I paid extra for her to be cremated (another £33), but i could have brought her home and buried her in the
The cost depends upon many factors. When my dog got old and ill, the vet put him to sleep and didn't even charge, because we went to that vet for many years. When my first cat reached
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Cost of euthansia of a pet varies from Vet to Vet. Depending upon the Vet you choose, the cost can range from $50.00 to $500.00.
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