How Much Does It Cost to Put in a Sunroof?


The cost of putting in a sunroof can vary depending on the car, the sunroof chosen and labor. It's best to have it done when you purchase a new car. The cost is around $1000 plus labor. It's not recommended for used cars with low resale value.
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At the Dealership. The installation of your sunroof can be done at the dealership on site when you buy a new car. The cost of installed an OEM sunroof in your car at the dealership
it costs about 400 dollars if you have the right car and they can install it no problems.
well i had it done in my moms pt cruiser (04) and its not cheap 1600 dollars and it added only 300 dollars to the value of the car when she traded it in (4 months later) i would look
You can find them on eBay for less than $50. They aren't very expen...
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