How Much Does It Cost to Raise the Roof on a House?


This price is subject to the size and shape of the existing home, as well as the dimensions of the newly created space. An example shows an 1800 square foot home that was enlarged to 2900 square feet with a second story addition. The cost to raise the roof on a house will vary according to who performs the work. In this instance the family acted as their own general contractors but hired architects as well as equipment. Their cost was $250,000, although that price also included the additions of dormers. Each area will have its own inspection and permit prices on top of the cost of construction.
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The cost to roof a house depends on how big your roof is, the type of shingles you want and if there is any problems under your current roof. Prices are about $3500.00 on up.
Tresses are the supports that a pitched roof uses to hold up the roof at an angle. Most attic space is created by the triangle-shaped space that the tresses create when they are installed
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