How Much Does It Cost to Rebuild a Transmission?


The cost to rebuild a transmission can vary greatly from car to car. It can be as little as $200 if you do it yourself and as much as $1000 when having it done by someone else. Do some research on the web or ask your local mechanic.
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You can go right out and buy a brand new transmission. This would be the most expensive way of correcting the problem. New transmissions can cost several thousands of dollars, and
"Should it cost?" Unknown without detailed information w/ regard to what is wrong with it. Rule of thumb: A transmission repair should NEVER cost more than 50% of the cost
The average cost of transmission rebuilt can run from $1,800-$3,500. Costs vary from one make and model to another.
I just received the quote for my 2001 Intrepid transmission repair (new torque converter, IO sensors, planetary assembly, and some kit with new clutch, seals, etc. essentially a rebuilt
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The cost of rebuilding a transmission will depend if the car is an automatic type or manual type. You may want to check out the following websites for details:,4517938/vehicleId,2139501/initialAction,partProductDetail/store,630/partType,00680/shopping/partProductDetail.htm (for automatic transmission), and,4576960/vehicleId,2139501/initialAction,partProductDetail/store,630/partType,01108/shopping/partProductDetail.htm (for manual transmission).
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It depends on the year of the car. Generally, the more you spent on the car, the more the transmission should cost. Average about $1,800 to 3,500 to get your ...
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