How Much Does It Cost to Refinish Wood Floors?


The cost for refinishing a wooden floor is determined by many factors but the open area in the very initial stage is the most important factor. Basically the charge ranges from $1 (£0.6) to $5 (£3.1) per square foot and beyond but if the refinish is done by an expert, the price will be higher.
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Answer About $80 to rent a floor sander and polyurethane is about $25 a gallon. So depends on how big of an area
A standard floor, and not real real bad, will cost ( ballpark) 3/4$ a s/f. This wont include extra floor prep, rip and replace any boards( if at all needed) or furniture moving. Any
Probably the largest cost associated with wood flooring projects is the species of wood that will be used. Numerous species of wood are used to make flooring, including pine, Brazilian
One of the great things about having a hardwood floor is that even when it eventually wears down and starts to show signs of age, you have the option of refinishing the material to
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