How Much Does It Cost to Refinish Wood Floors?


The cost for refinishing a wooden floor is determined by many factors but the open area in the very initial stage is the most important factor. Basically the charge ranges from $1 (£0.6) to $5 (£3.1) per square foot and beyond but if the refinish is done by an expert, the price will be higher.
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Refinish wood floors with a floor sander and a lot of elbow grease. Make several passes with the floor sander, then finish the edges with hand sander. Apply stain, then 3-4 coats
1. Strip, rather than sand. The older your floors are, the more likely it is that they have been sanded down and restored previously. With every sanding comes a thinner piece of wood
About $80 to rent a floor sander and polyurethane is about $25 a gallon. So depends on how big of an area.
1 Remove any carpeting from the area. Cut and roll in sections manageable for carrying out to the trash. Once all carpeting has been removed, move on to the real work. Ad 2 Hammer
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The average cost to have a wood floor sanded down to the bare wood and to have 2-3 coats of finish applied to it is $3.00 a square foot. The average cost to just ...
Labor cost will vary, depending on how big the job will be. On average it should cost around $300.00 to refinish most hardwood floors. ...
To refinish a wood floor you will need a floor sander, tack cloth, shop vac, wood stain, and clear laquer. You will sand the floor with the sander, use the tack ...
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