How Much Does It Cost to Rent a Party Tent?


It will cost you an average cost of 175 pounds. However, the cost is subject to some factors such as, size, quality, duration and place. It is advisable to contact a tent dealer for more professional help.
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The cost to rent a party tent will depend on location, how long the tent will be rented for, the color of the tent that you plan to rent, and how big of a tent you will be renting. All white tent pole tents start at around $160 for a 16 x 16 tent. These prices increase to more than $5470 for a 60 x 1 20 tent. Pink frame tents are available in a 20 x 20 size and cost around $320 to rent. These tents are popular for Sweet 16 or Princess birthday parties, breast-cancer awareness events, and baby showers.
How much it costs to rent a party tent depends on the size and type of the tent you would like. It can cost several hundred dollars to several thousand dollars. You can find more information at asaprental. com/asap/sizewizard. html
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1. Calculate the number of people you will need for the tent to accommodate. Figure out how many tables or chairs or both that you will have in the tent. Make sure you allot for everything
The cost of renting a photo tent in a party varies on the company, the length of time hires, and the type of photo tent. Generally, to hire a photo tent will cost several hundred
Call party places and get quotes. Even some rental places like U-haul may have tents. Some large tents need special installation to keep them from falling over. Depending on the day
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