How Much Does It Cost to Rent a Wallpaper Steamer?


How much it costs to rent a wallpaper steamer is on average 15 to 25 pounds. Nonetheless, the terms of renting of various stores affect the cost of renting a wallpaper steamer. These include; attachments, fines of late returning and the state of returning the steamer.
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Try your local hardware or home improvement store, or use Rental HQ's store locator to find a wallpaper steamer rental near you (see Resources) Find out how much the deposit is, what
Renting a carpet cleaner can cost around 30 dollars a day.
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The store I work for rents them 2 ways, for 6 hours it is 22.99 and for 24 hours it is 29.99. There is also a 10.00 deposit on the machine that you get back if the machine comes back
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