How Much Does It Cost to Repair a Car Door?


It can cost anywhere from under $50 to as much as over $300 to repair a car door, The cost of repairing a car door can vary greatly depending on the amount of repairs needed. The cost of repairing a car door will also depend on if you do the repairs yourself or hire a mechanic.
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depends on the make/model/year of vehicle. it can range from 200 up to 2000.
1. Hold a piece of dry ice in the center of the dent for several seconds and remove it. Within a minute, the dent should pop out on its own. 2. Place a small piece of aluminum foil
Depending upon the extent of the damage and the
Ouch! Good luck with that... personally, I wouldn't want anybody trying to tell me they could repair the damage by 'beating' it out. I think a new door shell would be needed. So the
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