How Much does It Cost to Repair a Head Gasket?


Without knowing the type of car that needs a head gasket, it's impossible to know the price of repairs. Shop around to find a reputable mechanic and compare prices.
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Cost of repair a head gasket depends on the type of problem in the head of the vehicle. If is is just a preventive measure replacement, it is only the gasket price plus the service charge for the replacement. But if it is repair that needs some welding and machining, then it may cost you around 2000 to 3000USD.
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How to replace head gasket on 05 3.4 monte carlo.
How much does a head gasket cost, well it will vary from vehicle to vehicle and if you have a mechanic install it for you. For more exact cost please visit
That depends on where you live. Anywhere from $500 to $2000.
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In most cases it will cost in excess of Eight-Hundred dollars. It is an important repair to make, because if you keep driving with a bad head-gasket, you can cause ...
The gasket will cost you about 20 bucks but it is the labor that will kill you. labor on the job will cost about 300 bucks, because it is a pretty labor intensive ...
When replacing the head gasket on a 1990 Pontiac Van, the price really does not have much to do with the price of the head gasket - which sells for anywhere from ...
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