How Much Does It Cost to Repair a Hole in a Wall?


It may cost as much as 300 dollars to repair a hole in the wall. The size of the wall and materials determine the cost.
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1. Cut away the jagged paper edges around the perimeter of the hole, using a utility knife. Scrape out loose debris and brush out any dust from the hole. 2. Cut two pieces of fiberglass-mesh
Just fill the hole ,sand smooth and paint. if the whole is large you might have to put a piece of screening against the hole so the filler has a place to grab onto. Go to Home Depot
throw knives through the hole n wait til someone starts screaming then the police will arrive and fill up the hole using cement.
It depends on what kind of wall it is. If it's just drywall, head to your local hardware store and buy a drywall patch and some spackle
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