How Much Does It Cost to Repave a Driveway?


Repaving driveways is a must after many years of the weather and other elements doing it's dirty work to your driveway. The cracks and sometimes holes will get larger and larger. However, the only way to find out what it will cost in your area is to check around locally. Visit your local hardware or home improvement stores for referrals for companies or look in your Yellow Pages.
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1. Clean the driveway using a power washer and a pH-neutral cleanser. Wash away all dirt and debris from the driveway beginning at the top and working your way downward towards the
To resurface existing asphalt driveway it will cost around $2.50-4.00
It depends on the price of oil that day but figure 1.80 -2.25 per square foot
There is no set answer. It's dependant on a few factors: Size of driveway. Type of gravel. Your geographic location. Contractor you hire.
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