How Much Does It Cost to Replace a Fly Wheel for a Chevy?


The cost of replacing the flywheel on a Chevy depends on what year the vehicle is and what model. Older rear wheel drive cars could generally be done for around 500 dollars. I have seen newer front wheel drive cars can run a couple thousand to replace it. In all cases the motor has to be removed in order to change the flywheel. This is where the majority of the cost comes from.
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Just had both replaced along with the brake shoes on a 206 1.1 2002 was £48 in parts 2.1 hours labour £62 total £110. hope this helps.
A wheel axle assembly could cost as little as 70 dollars,
Not Financial Advice: A 2004 Chevy Malibu Steering Rack & Pinion complete unit cost
For seals only (not new cylinders) and shoes I would say sixty pounds is cheap when you take into account labour prices. The higher price may be from a garage that has higher rates
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