How Much does It Cost to Replace a Muffler?


Cost for replacing a muffler will depend on your vehicle make and model. Also how much of the muffler needs to be replaced. You'll have to check the exhaust pipe leading to the muffler. Your local auto repair shop or parts store can help you with this.
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To replace a muffler, it can cost anywhere from $100.00 to $150.00 dollars. This does include the labor. It can go up to $300.00, depending on the car.
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A muffler can cost as much up to around $70.00 just to get a new one. If you need the whole system done it will be around 100.00 or more depending on the vehicles its going on.
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1. Assemble the tools and parts you will need before you begin to replace the muffler. You will need sockets with a ratchet wrench, a hacksaw or electric reciprocating saw or cutoff
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To have a mechanic replace a muffler on a passenger car, it can cost from $110- $218 for after market parts and $255- $380 for original parts. Your best bet is ...
The cost to replace a muffler depends on if you are able to do the repairs or if you have to hire someone to do it. A local mechanic will charge you between $250 ...
The cost to repair a muffler varies based on where the repair is completed and the type of vehicle. On average, this repair costs between $150 and $400 for most ...
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