How Much Does It Cost to Replace a Rear Bumper?


How much it costs to repair a read bumper depends on the type of vehicle and the year. To replace the rear bumper on a Honda Odyssey, it would cost roughly $1,000.00
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1. Remove the license plate from the bumper and unhook or remove the wires going to the license plate light if there is one. 2. Remove the bolts and retainer nuts connecting the bumper
Due to varying prices and economic conditions prevailing around the country - the cost of auto parts and the prevailing cost of body shops - this question cannot be answered with
The TPMS light will be visible in your instrument panel like your parking brake would if activated. The TPMS function is activated automatically once any of your tires are improperly
Very round figures, probably between $500 and $1000 altogether. The part that is broken is the bumper cover, with the bumper being the sturdy assembly underneath the cover. When my
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It costs about $363 to replace a rear bumper on a Dodge Caliber 2007 - 2009 model if you purchase it from an on-line discount warehouse. The list price is $489. ...
A Toyota Yaris rear bumper cover will cost about $150 + shipping if you purchase directly from an online parts dealer. The additional cost of replacing it on your ...
A rear bumper for a 1997 Honda Civic will run you somewhere between $120-250. Their are several different place where you can find a bumper for this car but the ...
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