How Much Does It Cost to Replace a Tie Rod?


The final price it will cost to replace a tie rod will depend on where you get it done. Mechanic shops do not all charge the same for labor. On average (as of 2013), you can expect to spend between $150 - $200.
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Connected to the inner tie rod end and then the knuckle, there should be no vertical or horizontal movement in the outer tie rod end. Test these by hand only. With the steering wheel
If both sides are replacing inner and outer tie rods it takes 2 hours of work, if average mechanic charge $75, do the math.
1. Identify the components for each side of the tie rod ends as these are not interchangeable. Ad. 2. Loosen the front tires slightly before raising the vehicle. 3. Raise the front
A tie rod kit with 2 tie rods for a Honda 400ex costs
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