How Much Does It Cost to Replace a Tie Rod?


The final price it will cost to replace a tie rod will depend on where you get it done. Mechanic shops do not all charge the same for labor. On average (as of 2013), you can expect to spend between $150 - $200.
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I just replace the outer tie rod ends on my 1999 Ford Windsar LX and it cost me $33.00 per outer tie rod end at my local (Seattle Wa) Schuck's Auto parts store. I did it my self and
At our shop, about 25-30 bucks for the part, 20 Bucks to install, and 50 bucks for a 4 wheel alignment.. so roughly 100 bucks.. But keep in mine different shops have different labor
factory part $87.50. labor $50.00. front end alignment $45.00.
Each tie rod will probably cost you about $50!
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