How much does it cost to replace an a/c compressor in you car?


Replacement of an AC Compressor for a car costs typically about 1500$. Compressor is an important and expensive part. It also needs some time to replace.
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Potentially one of the most costly auto A/C repairs is when you have to replace the A/C compressor. If you're facing that situation now, it's really important that you understand
1. Evacuate the system with professional equipment at a collection facility. These are usually garages and oil change centers that are compensated for collecting freon. They typically
If you have full-coverage insurance on your vehicle, windshield and window replacement is usually free. Simply call your insurance company and ask about their policies regarding window
The Job to change it calls for 1.5 hours of labor. Thats for the 4cyl. Not sure what engine you have. You'll also be charged to refill and re oil the system which could run another
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Just the air compressor alone for a 2003 Dodge Intrepid will cost you 400 dollars, so you will also have to pay labor to place the part in the Intrepid for you ...
Cost to replace a bearing in an air compressor depends on type of compressor. Some compressors are Sealed which are needed to de-weld and open. For such compressor ...
To replace the air condenser and compressor on a Honda Civic, you're looking at paying around $400, depending on exactly how expensive the parts are, and how long ...
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