How Much Does It Cost to Replace Brake Pads?


Disc brake pads, unlike older drum brakes, are significantly easier to replace and less costly. If you have your brake pads replaced professionally expect to pay between $75 and $150. But you may change them yourself with minimal effort. The cost of the pads alone, depending on material types, ranges from $28 to $65.
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$700 is way too much, even for front. and. rear. A decent pair of brake pads, e.g. EBC Green Stuff costs about $70. It's at most 1.5 hours of labor to change them per axle. Labor
You need to be a lot more specifid. The braking system on any car consists of many parts, if you had to replace all parts, it could cost thousands of dollars. If you only need to
if they are grinding than they cannot be turned its a little late for that it would need pads and rotors possible calipers if they do not retract.typically a brake job is about 250
Most dealers will charge $100 to $200 to change brake pads. The parts
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How Much Does it Cost to Replace Brake Pads?
Replacing brake pads on your vehicle is something every vehicle owner has to experience sooner or later. Since the front disc brakes provide 75 percent braking capacity for most all vehicles, they will require more frequent replacement than the rear... More »
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