How Much Does It Cost to Replace Oil Pump?


The cost to replace an oil pump ranges from $100-300 for the part itself depending on the make. Unless you are installing it yourself, expect to spend another $200 or so on labor. It's best to shop around to find the best price.
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Replacing an oil pump requires removing the oil pan, the timing chain or both. You need to locate where the oil pump is on your make and model car, to know what all has to be removed
1. Park the car on a flat, firm surface and block the wheels to prevent it from rolling while you are working underneath it. 2. Remove the oil drain plug with a crescent wrench and
Oil pumps can cost from $80 to $200. It all depends on which vehicle you have.
1 Use a jack to lift the vehicle. Place jack stands underneath the car to hold it in place. Ad 2 Place a drain pan underneath the oil drain plug. The plug is typically located at
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