How Much Does It Cost to Replace Rear Struts?


It may cost you about $400 to replace rear struts in your car. The price can vary depending upon who fixes your car.
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I did it for 1400$ at a Toyota dealership.
Parts And Labor Rates Brake pads are relatively inexpensive. This depends on the type of vehicle you drive. A common domestic car will feature cheaper replacement parts than an imported
It depends on the location but if it is done by the power company usually around $ 5,000.00 - 10,000 because you are paying for 1 guy to install it and 4 to watch. Seriously around
its no dear did ma front 1 it cost me 12+ vat try ebay there not hard to do
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How Much Does It Cost to Replace Rear Struts?
Struts are designed to maintain a car's balance on the road, especially when driving over rough or uneven surfaces. A car typically has front and rear struts.... More »
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The cost of replacing a rear struts will depend on the model you'll be looking at. Therefore, it is best to check out your nearest automobile shop for a price list.
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