How Much Does It Cost to Replace Rear Struts?


It may cost you about $400 to replace rear struts in your car. The price can vary depending upon who fixes your car.
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Camry struts are expensive installed. I have a 1995 Toyota Camry and have quotes of $800 to $900 PER AXLE. I havn't replaced them yet, but the bushings on the rear struts are rattling
If you have full-coverage insurance on your vehicle, windshield and window replacement is usually free. Simply call your insurance company and ask about their policies regarding window
The cost of complete strut assemblies for a 2002 Pontiac
Around $150.00 at local shops. Parts included. But I can teach you if you want.
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How Much Does It Cost to Replace Rear Struts?
Struts are designed to maintain a car's balance on the road, especially when driving over rough or uneven surfaces. A car typically has front and rear struts.... More »
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The cost of replacing a rear struts will depend on the model you'll be looking at. Therefore, it is best to check out your nearest automobile shop for a price list.
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