How Much Does It Cost to Replace Shocks and Struts?


Replacing shocks and struts really depends on what you are replacing them on. A good rule of thumb is that older car models can be inexpensive, and newer cars are more expensive. It also depends on the brand and the labor involved for your specific make and model.
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Take the price of one shock, add it to the price of one strut, and multiply by four.
Standard shock absorbers can run $30 -100 each for parts
Parts And Labor Rates Brake pads are relatively inexpensive. This depends on the type of vehicle you drive. A common domestic car will feature cheaper replacement parts than an imported
The 318 has shocks in the rear and struts in the front. Each should typically be replaced in pairs. Shocks are simple to replace and are inexpensive. Struts are more expensive and
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Cost to Replace Car Shocks
The cost to replace car shock absorbers (dampers) varies on factors that include age of the vehicle, whether it is a passenger or performance car and where it comes from. For the purposes of this article, we'll follow six cars of three different types... More »
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