How Much Does It Cost to Replace Shocks and Struts?


Replacing shocks and struts really depends on what you are replacing them on. A good rule of thumb is that older car models can be inexpensive, and newer cars are more expensive. It also depends on the brand and the labor involved for your specific make and model.
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The best way to tell if you need new shocks is by simply paying attention to how they feel. Worn shocks can make a car handle very poorly, increase body roll and decrease stability.
If its a 2003 focus then I know they had a recall on them or something. Mine were free. But I do think I remember I think it had to be below 100k miles. Mine broke and luckly I went
The boots will keep the water, mud, sand, snow, dirt etc away from the struct/shock piston rods. They will last longer. Make sure the boots are secured at both ends. They are simple
Hi, If you are me-ch minded you can do the job but safety IS A MUST,If you need to get it done go to a small family garage they will charge you far less that the dealers, the price
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Cost to Replace Car Shocks
The cost to replace car shock absorbers (dampers) varies on factors that include age of the vehicle, whether it is a passenger or performance car and where it comes from. For the purposes of this article, we'll follow six cars of three different types... More »
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To replace all four shocks on your car, it will cost about $600, including the shocks and labor. You might need to replace the struts when you replace your shocks ...
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