How Much Does It Cost to Replace the Heating Element in a Dryer?


Heating element range from $40 - $85 depending on the type and model of the dryer you have. Also if you are having someone else do it for you then you will have to add labor to that.
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The cost of replacing the heating element on a dryer can
I am by no means a professional but am a Home Inspector. Let's say: for a typical 1600 sq. ft. total electric heat pump installation will run between 3500-4500. Get a new 14+ SEER
If you do it yourself, the belt will only cost you about $6. If you pay someone, expect to pay at least $50 for a trip charge and probably $20 for the belt. It's still WAY cheaper
If you make a service call, you can expect to spend atleast $100-200 to have someone come out to your home. If the part is more expensive then a normal run of the mill 24v transfomer
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