How Much Does It Cost to Replaster a Pool?


The cost to replaster a pool will range anywhere from $4,000 to $5,550. However, it greatly depends on the actual size of the pool.
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I live in Southern California and my pool cost around $7,000.00 to re-plaster and re-tile. I have a large pool with attached spa. I also had some plumbimg repairs (new Jandy valves,
1. Before starting any pool repairs, turn off the swimming pool equipment and drain the pool, then use a sump pump to drain any remaining water. You can rent a sump pump from a local
The cost to replaster a play pool greatly depends on the actual size of the pool. To redo a 200 square feet pool can cost $644.46-735.74. Average cost per square foot: $3.22-3.68.
You will spend several hundread on the pool plaster itself. Spend about a hundread or so on the tools and then do it yourself. Its pretty simple, just time consuming. You will save
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