How much does it cost to run an electric fan heater?


The cost to run an electric fan heater depends on the wattage of the actual heater. A small, 400W heater costs 5.72 pence per hour to run. A larger 1000W heater costs 14.49 pence per hour to run. Newer heaters are more cost-effective than older models.
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Electricity is measured and sold by the kilowatt-hour. This is a measurement of power that takes into account the amount of energy and the time frame over which it is consumed, similar
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To calculate a cost in kW/h a time interval has to be stated. How long is the 400 watt heater going to be on in a 24 hour period. You also have to state what you are being charged
Each of those is around 10W. So, per day that's (10W + 10W) * 24hr = 20*24Whr = 480Whr = 0.48kWhr. Assuming you're paying something like 12.5 cents per kilowatt hour, that's 0.48
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