How Much Does It Cost to Run a Electric Heater?


The cost of running an electric heater depends on how big your heater is. It also depends on how large the house or room is that needs to be heatedas well as the setting of the thermostat. Also, not all electric heaters are as efficient as others. Check the Energy Consumption Rating to know how efficiently the electric heater uses electricity.
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Electricity is measured and sold by the kilowatt-hour. This is a measurement of power that takes into account the amount of energy and the time frame over which it is consumed, similar
well it cost 20p to run 1kw so it will cost 40p to run a 2kw electric heater. check with your electric company to see how much you are being charged per kw.
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It will cost about 30p per hour, 10-12p per Kw.(On a normal tariff) when actually heating the water, as it will cycle on/off via the thermostat when the cylinder is fully heated,
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