How Much Does It Cost to Run an Electric Fire?


Electric fires will cost approximately 12-15 pence per hour per1 Kw to run. Most electrical heaters today have switches to select 1/2/3 hence allow you to save energy since when you select 1; you burn one unit of electrical energy per hour.
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Electricity is measured and sold by the kilowatt-hour. This is a measurement of power which not only takes into account the amount of energy, but the time frame over which it is consumed
A small dry battery can run a lcd display for over a year, so what does that cost? About a dollar? If on mains supply it will be less than that.
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Look on your electric bill and find your cost per killowatt hour ( kWh ) Look on you heater and find its top most Wattage. Divide that by 1000. Multiply that answer by the cost figure
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It will cost you about £5.20 to run a 2 b electric fire. This price is only possible if your power rating is £2.6 for every 1 b of used electricity ...
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