How Much Does It Cost to Send a FAX at Kinkos?


The cost of sending a fax at Kinkos depends on what branch are you from since this will vary per branch. The usual price would cost $1.50 and $1 for succeeding local fax and $2 and $1.50 for succeeding long distance fax. For more info, you can check out this site:
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Sending a fax at Kinkos and other office supply stores can cost about $1.50 per page. This is quite costly if you have several pages. This is a fast, easy way to send a fax as well.
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1. Visit the FedEx Office website and find your nearest location. 2. Obtain the FedEx Office's fax number and direct it to whomever is sending you a fax. 3. Drive to the FedEx Office
The charge to send faxes varies by location. If you provide your location
For a free option, why don't you try an online faxing service? That way you don't even have to leave your home! Here's a site that gives you free trials to some of the major online
The costs of online fax sending depends on what service is used. Some services have a regular fee such as a monthly $6.95. Other services are paid by the fax.
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Kinko's, also known as FedEx Office, is a convenient option for those who need to send or receive a fax but do not have their own fax machine. The fax machines ...
The cost of sending a fax is £1 for the first page and 50p for the extra pages. When sending to destinations in Europe, the cost increases by 50% while ...
The best way to find out how much color copies at Kinko's will cost is to call your local Kinko's as prices vary between stores and areas. Generally they cost ...
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