How much does it cost to send a letter in the UK?


As of 2014, Royal Mail charges 62 pence for a 1st Class stamp and 53 pence for a 2nd Class stamp. The postal system aims to deliver 1st Class letters within one working day, whereas most 2nd Class letters arrive within three days of posting.

Large letters that weigh in excess of 100 grams need additional postage, as do parcels sent via both 1st and 2nd Class mail. Prices vary based on the weight of the item in question. Royal Mail also provides special franking prices for customers who utilize a Royal Mail postage machine in their home or business.

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Letters sent by the royal mail with the Airmail service ( not you will need a special air mail envelope, these should be available from your local post office) will cost 56p to send
As from April 2011: A first class stamp is 46p / $0.728* /.55 euro. A second class stamp is 36p / $0.569*/ .43 euro. We [Royal Mail] aim to deliver all First Class mail by the next
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In the United Kingdom, a first class stamp currently costs 60p, and a second class stamp costs 50p.
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