How Much Does It Cost to Send a Letter in the UK?


The cost of sending a letter in the UK costs 36p, for first class letters and 27p for second class letters. However, these costs are determined by the size of the letter and the weight of the letter.
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It all depends on the size and location you are sending it to/from. To get a good estimate on the price, go to the United States Post Office Price Caculator on their website. Hope
As from April 2011: A first class stamp is 46p / $0.728* /.55 euro A second class stamp is 36p / $0.569*/ .43 euro We [Royal Mail] aim to deliver all First Class mail by the next
$1.10 for the first ounce.
Between 56p and £3.89, depending on weight of the letter. See the below link for further information on the Royal Mail page. Source(s):
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In the United Kingdom, a first class stamp currently costs 60p, and a second class stamp costs 50p.
It costs between 36p and £2.07 to send a letter in the UK. The price varies with the weight of the letter and class. A first class letter will cost 46p for 100 grams while a second class letter will costs 36p for 100 grams.
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