How Much Does It Cost to Send a Money Gram?


Money gram is an International money sending service that allows people all over the world to send money to any country that supports this service. The cost of sending money gram depends on the destination of the money as well as the currency one is handling to send. In the money gram website, one can be able to specify the amount they are sending and get the exact cost for the same.
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1. Find the nearest money gram location close to you. This can be done by looking in the phone book, checking out your local grocery store, or even searching online to find the closest
My guess: Different customer demographics and competition The person sending money internationally is traditionally a migrant sending money home. They tend to send money on a consistent
MoneyGram charges $12.00 to send $200.00 between two United
Money Transfer (at Walmart MoneyCenter) fees start at $4.75. In addition to the transfer fee, a currency exchange rate may apply.
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The cost of paying a bill with a Moneygram depends on the amount you are paying, who you are paying it to and what country you are sending payment to. The company ...
You can send money through a MoneyGram at most Walmart stores. You can also send it through the Walmart website. The cost to transfer the money starts at $2.99 ...
To send a money gram you first visit a Money Gram agent and show your legal identification. The next step is to fill the send form with your name, the recipient's ...
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