How much does it cost to send a postcard?


As of June 2014, the United States Postal Service states that the cost to send a standard sized postcard is 34 cents. At this rate, the postcard can be 6 inches long, 4 1/4 inches high and 0.16 inches thick.

The USPS also includes that a large postcard is 49 cents to mail. The maximum size for this postcard is 11 1/2 inches long, 6 1/8 inches high and 1/4 inch thick. This is the same rate to mail a First Class 1 ounce letter domestically.

The rates for postage increased as of January 2014. Metered mail is 1 cent less than the retail rate for a standard postage stamp.

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USPS Postage Rates
First-Class Postcard: $0.34
First-Class Letter: $0.49
International Letter: $1.15
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