How much does it cost to send money via Western Union?


The cost to send money via Western Union varies substantially depending on the destination country and the transfer service the sender chooses to use. Western Union provides an online cost estimating tool to help calculate the cost of a domestic or international transfer. A local Western Union agent can also calculate the cost of a specific transfer.

Transfers can be initiated at a local Western Union location, by telephone or online. In each case, there are multiple transfer options to choose from, each with its own associated fees. Depending on the origination and destination countries, available transfer options include Western Union's Money in Minutes service, Next Day service and Three Day service. Costs are higher for faster transfer service.

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I'm going send 500 dollars via western Union from america to canada, so how much it will cost?
I am showing with generic information that to send $20.00 same day
Western Union. offers a variety of methods for sending money across the country with fees ranging from $1.99 to $17.00. If you wish to send money via the internet: which the receiving
In the US, less than 0.3 cent. See. busines.
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