How Much Does It Cost to Send Western Union?


Western Union is a money transfer institution located allover the globe. Therefore, the rates will vary depending on your location, the amount of money that you're going to transfer, and how fast do you want it to be. You may want to visit your local branch and ask for the rates that they provide.
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1. Visit a Western Union office. Bring the money you want to send. 2. Tell the clerk you want to send money and ask for a money transfer form. 3. Hand your cash and the completed
Depends on amount, anything from 5 GBP or above. use, a lot cheaper.
If you send money to someone in the United States via
1. Best thing will be to visit the bank/institution in your palce arranging transfers though Western Union, and enquire from it. 2. Please alsocheck at the website of Western Union
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