How Much does It Cost to Ship Packages to Canada?


The amount that it would cost to ship packages to Canada, would all depend on where it is going in Canada and what kind of a package it is. If it is in a box it goes off of size and weight.
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1. Navigate to the website for the United States Postal Service. (See Resources) 2. Click "Calculate Postage" from the red bar, then select the appropriate option for your
UPS Calculate Time and Cost
Depending on the service you choose, that may be correct: Express Mail® International 3 - 5 Days $25.00 $23.00. Priority Mail® International 6 - 10 Days $17.30 $16.44. Priority
You cannot pay the fees and duties "in advance" but you can arrange for carriers such as FedEx to bill the fees to your FedEx account rather than the sender's. There should
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That depends on several things. How fast does it need to get there? How heavy is the package? How fragile is the contents etc. If the package is not containing ...
t would cost you from $12.85 - $38.50, to ship a 3 lb package from Mickleton, NJ, to Ontario, Canada. It all depends on whether you choose first class, priority, ...
It depends on the size and weight of the package. A 5 lb package could be sent parcel post for $9.02 or media mail for $3.94. Or priority flat rate boxes start ...
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