How Much Does It Cost to Spay a Dog in the UK?


The cost of spaying a dog is in the range of £70 to £250 but varies tremendously between various vet outlets. The bitch can also be examined for physical fitness during the operation at a cost of £43.3. In addition, a standard blood screen and intravenous fluid support for the dog may be done at £33.65 and £27.85 respectively.
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The cost for spaying a female dog varies hugely, even throughout the UK. My local vet (way out in the sticks) charges around £90-odd but in a big city you will most likely be
A dog spay, depending on weight ranges from $65 to $200+ This will vary
That is a bit pricey for a spay. Female spays and the size of the dog do make the cost higher though, and the spay, I would think, includes the anesthesia. Here is a link for Recycled
i have just paid for all the jabs, a little over £45 and for when he needs spaying it will be £34
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The average cost of spraying a dog will range between £50 and £200. Spaying of dogs will prevent the occurrence of frequent life threatening diseases ...
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