How Much Does It Cost to Stay in Cinderella's Castle?


The Cinderella Suite in Cinderella's Castle is not open to the public and can not be reserved. Special guests like Kevin Jonas and his wife are able to stay there. Lucky guests who won the Year of a Million Dreams Sweepstakes in 2007 were able to stay there too.
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Its 100% free. : You just have to get extrememly lucky my friend. But good luck and hopefully you get it. For the record, the Cinderella Castle suite is in Disney World in Florida
that depends on how long you want it for and from whitch company you buy it from! the average would cost between 80 and 100 euro.
Currently only contest
From what I have heard from Cast Members who work at Disney World, is that there is no cost to stay the night in the Cinderella suite, the only catch is that it is by invitation only
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