How Much Does It Cost to Visit the Louvre Museum?


Entry costs 8.50 euros to enter either the permanent collections or the temporary exhibits at Napoleon Hall. The price drops to 6 euros after 6 p.m. For entry to all exhibits, the price is 13 euros (or 11 euros after 6 p.m.). A ticket is valid all day for repeat entries. Entry is free for anyone under age 18 (or under 26 on Friday evenings) and the disabled.
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According to their website, the cost in France's currency is as follows: Tickets for the Permanent Collections €9.5 : full-day access to the Louvre, except temporary exhibitions
To visit the Houston museum it would cost $39 for adults and $28
Ignore the first answer, as the Louvre is not free on Tuesdays and Fridays! If you are under the age of 18, or an EU citizen under the age of 26, then you are entitled to enter the
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