How Much Does It Rain in the Rainforest?


It rains a lot in the rainforest, causing the atmosphere to be humid most of the time. On average, the Amazon Rainforest can receive about 9 feet of rain each year.
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The clouds get sad and cry.
n. A dense evergreen forest with an annual rainfall of at least 406 centimeters (160 inches). Rainforests are often, but not always, located in tropical regions.
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Any rainforest that is not in the Tropics would be a "Temperate Rainforest", more or less by definition. Of these, the one I am most
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Rainforests have a minimum of 68 to 78 inches of rain per year. This is often due to the monsoon trough, which is also known as the intertropical convergence zone ...
They are called rainforests because of the amount and frequency of rain that falls in these forests, which is high compared to other forested areas. A rainforest ...
Some of the reasons why rainforests have a lot of rainfall include the fact that rainforests are usually located in and around the equator where solar radiation ...
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