How Much Does Jet Fuel Cost Per Gallon?


Fuel in general has been fluctuating in price in the recent past, these also affected jet fuel. To know the current price of jet fuel, you can check .
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Jet fuel weighs about 6.7 pounds per gallon and costs about 3 dollars per gallon, so that would equate to approximately 45 cents per pound.
Jet fuel is about $ 1.50 per gallon, it is a kerosene fuel not a gasoline fuel.
The average price of jet fuel in the world market is $134.6 per barrel. The cost per gallon is about $4.34.
I live 8 miles from my office across a bay. I would like to ride across it with a jet ski on a daily basis. I'm just wondering if this is econmically viable. Can anyone here tell
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Jet fuel prices usually change from week to week with varied fluctuations. The current average price for 2010 is $87.5/b. The b in the price represents the cost of jet fuel per barrel.
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