How much does Kate Gosselin weight?


Kate Gosselin says that on a good day she will weigh between 126-128 pounds and wears a size 2-4. She is 5 feet 61/2 inches tall. She credits healthy eating and jogging for maintaining her weight. The mother of 8 suggests pushing strollers uphill for exercise, but also credits a tummy tuck for part of her appearance. Her personal blog mentions preparing for marathons and features a fitness section as well as an area where fans are able to ask her questions.
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She probably weighs around 130-140 pounds. She looks really good for having 8 children, but the tummy tuck has really helped her. This information is not accurate-- its's just a guess
dont know dont really care. she looks awesome for having 8 kids. i have 1 and he will be 1 next month and im still disgusting looking. i do like watching the show, but i also think
There is no information on Kate Gosselin's weight or height on
It is estimated that the family receives $25,000 to $50,000 per episode. The Gosselins also receive residual income from DVD sales. The fun trips the family takes on the show are
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