How Much Does Laser Hair Restoration Cost?


Laser hair restoration typically costs between $400 and $1,170 and more. This is one of the best methods for hair restoration. It is non invasive with no recovery time.
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Function Laser hair removal is a way to permanently damage hair follicles so they no longer produce hair. Because each follicle is targeted individually by a tiny laser, the process
I asked about this at a clinic, they said it was £2,200 per area, knees, outer thighs etc. This was for the Vaser Lipo and Smart lipo seems to be the same price. I'm trying
The average cost is $425 per session! ChaCha again soon!
From what I could find it appears that the prices break down as follows per 1 treatment. Full face $250-650 Upper lip $100-300 Chin $100-300 Underarms $150-250 Regular bikini $150
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