How Much does Lowes Pay An Hour?


It depends on your position with Lowe's to what the pay rate will be an hour. Pay rate per hour can vary from $9.40 to $16.30. Experience, education and of course location are also thing to be considered. You can find more information here:
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When I started last year it was 7.75 an hour.'s_pay...
1. Check your pay stub to see the number of hours you are being paid for, and divide the total pay by the number of hours. Use the gross pay, not the net pay after deductions, to
Lowes pays between $9 and $13 hourly depending on the exact
For 10-12 USD / hour you'll find skilled assistants with proper experience and language knowledge. One amendment: in today's poor economy an employment status is a precious thing.
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From what I know Lowes pays their Customer Service II Associates close to ten dollars and thirty cents. As a Customer Service III Associate you can expect to be paid close to twelve dollars a hour.
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From what I know you work as a Cashier for Lowes for about nine dollars and fifty cents a hour. As a part time Cashier you can make closer to nine dollars a hour ...
How much a Lowe's employee earns depends on position and your location and what the average rate of pay is per hour. The average hourly pay range is from $9.46 ...
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