How Much does Maaco Charge for a Paint Job?


You can expect about 2000 dollars if they do all of the work prepping the car. Maaco charges about two hundred for the paint job itself and the rest is in costs to prepare, prime and smooth the car for paint as well as masking off non painted areas. Prep the vehicle yourself and take it in ready to paint to guarantee the best results.
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Maaco offers a few different finishes ranging in price from a few hundred dollars up to $1000. This is a full body paint job that can make your resale value increase.
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A standard Maaco paint job costs about three hundred dollars. This price does not include any extras, like removing trim pieces, car dealer emblems or painting anythin more than just
Maaco? LOL ok .no matter what just remember.YOU GET WHAT YOU PAY FOR. My car.they didnt even wash it before painting it. sprayed right over some bird poo on the trunk lid. Friends
A Maaco type paint job uses synthetic enamel which is low quality. They also work on
1. Find out what other painters are charging for their jobs. This way, you can make sure that your prices are competitive-especially if you are new-but still in line with what others
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The costs of an automotive paint job ffrom Maaco varies. They have basic paint packages that may only cost a few hundred dollars, or more expensive, higher-quality ...
The amount of money is a maaco paint job from $200 to $2,000. The cheaper paint job is the entire car painted in a good quality automotive paint. The higher ...
They don't list prices online but for an estimate call ...
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