How Much Does Malibu Rum Cost?


The price of Malibu rum depends on a few things. The brand that you want as well as the amount is the main consideration. A 750ml bottle goes for about $13.
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Depends on size. A 750ml bottle can cost about $20. A 1.75L bottle can cost about $30. Also depends on flavor.
Malibu Banana Rum 1.75L is $23.99, Malibu Banana Rum 750ml is $12.95,
1. Fill a glass halfway with ice. The ice will likely melt unless you plan on drinking fast, so don't use too much. 2. Add Malibu Rum to the glass. Err on the light side; you can
Malibu Rum (750 ml): When you buy it online it can be purchased for $ 9.99. Ask us again! We are 24/7!
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A bottle of Malibu rum can cost as much as over $20 to under $10. The cost of a bottle of Malibu rum can vary greatly depending on where it is purchased and the ...
The cost of a bottle of Malibu coconut rum would cost between 13.95 to about 20.95. This would be for a 750ml bottle. ...
Per Vermont Department of Liquor, here are some rum costs as of December 2012. Jacquin's Famous Gold Rum 750 ml is $10.99, Jenkins Silver Rum 1 liter is $10.99 ...
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